Our Objective

Support the local community by running a social enterprise focussed on the circular economy and maximising the reuse of unwanted bicycles.
Conserve and protect the physical and natural environment by encouraging the reuse / recycling of cycles and cycle related items.
Reduce the impact of waste by using our skills to remanufacture bikes. We work closely with Fife Region to measure and report on the landfill reduction benefit and when a bike cannot be remanufactured for safe use, we responsibly segregate and dispose of the steel, aluminium, and rubber.
Promote and support volunteering by creating a safe and stimulating community space, where both vulnerable adults and older people can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of the workshop.
Support local charities by donating bikes and helmets for the families they work with, encouraging them to enjoy the benefits of cycling.
Increase cycle usage and reduce the effects of greenhouse gases by encouraging all age sectors and abilities to appreciate the health, transportation and fun benefits of cycling.